Business Solutions

A Dedicated Financial Advisor for Your Business

As an entrepreneur, you’ve likely worn a lot of different hats, working hard to build your business into a successful enterprise with a strong team.

Adding a dedicated financial advisor to your team could make all the difference. The MPPL Financial business solutions team is committed to supporting the financial health of your business in a myriad of ways that position your business for the future you choose.

Our services include:

  • Corporate retirement plans: Design and management
  • Group Insurance Benefits
  • Exit and succession planning, including business valuation support
  • Key Person Planning
  • Executive benefit planning
  • Comprehensive wealth management for you and your executive team that may encompass
    • Tax planning
    • Retirement planning
    • Investment management
    • Estate planning
    • Charitable planning
    • Ongoing insurance reviews
    • Coordination with your tax and legal advisors

We have offices in Duluth, MN, Grand Rapids, MN, Wausau, WI, and Crystal Lake, IL. While we’re located in the Midwest, we work with clients across the U.S.

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