Business Solutions


As an entrepreneur, you’ve likely worn a lot of different hats, working hard to build your business into a successful enterprise with a strong team. Adding a dedicated financial advisor to your team could make all the difference. The MPPL business solutions team is dedicated to supporting the financial health of your business.  From retirement plans and executive benefits to succession planning, we’ll help you take care of your hardworking employees and position your business for the future you choose.

Our Business Solutions Services:


    Although every business strategy we create is different, our proven process for building solutions delivers results that reflect your business values and goals.

    Meet with your MPPL financial advisor to discuss:

    • Retirement Plans

      A comprehensive retirement plan is one of the best benefits a company can offer. High-quality employees work hard to protect their future. Our expert advising team provides retirement-planning services that help business owners attract and retain employees while improving employer and employee outcomes.

    • Executive Benefits

      When competition for talent is fierce, an executive benefits plan is key to attracting and retaining top talent. Our team will help you navigate several plan options to custom-build a plan that fits your business, your values, and your leadership team.

    • Succession Planning

      Entrepreneurs have the uncanny ability of thinking a few steps ahead. Planning for the future of your business proactively is the best way to achieve the results you want. Whether you’re preparing your business for sale or guiding the next generation to take the reins, having a team of experts will help you evaluate all options thoroughly to ensure a smooth transition.