Our Clients

A focus that starts with you

Over the past 40 years, MPPL Financial has cultivated a loyal client base that includes:

  • High-income professionals/dual-income families, striving to find the balance of enjoying life today while planning for their future. On their way to building wealth, these clients are managing the demands of careers and raising children. MPPL Financial helps them financially navigate fulfilling goals, such as funding their children’s education and their future retirement, while maintaining the lifestyle they desire.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners, seeking strategic financial guidance to ensure business and personal goals are achieved. These clients may face important decisions such as how to grow their business or plan for a succession or liquidity event. Regardless of their station in life, they rely on us throughout the course of their business ownership and during their retirement years.
  • Affluent families, who want to enjoy retirement on their terms and shape a lasting and meaningful legacy. We help these clients judiciously grow their wealth while advising them on the best ways to fulfill their desired impact in the lives of their children, grandchildren, and communities.

While every MPPL Financial client has unique circumstances, they all value the clarity we provide to help them make informed, confident decisions to secure their desired lifestyle and achieve a lifetime of financial goals.

MPPL Financial has offices in Duluth, MN, Grand Rapids, MN, Wausau, WI, and Crystal Lake, IL. While we’re located in the Midwest, we work closely with clients across the U.S.

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