Divorce Financial Planning

Your Financial Partner During a Divorce

The uncertainty of what the future holds for those contemplating or going through a divorce can cause a tremendous amount of financial and emotional stress and worry. At MPPL Financial, we find that helping clients take control of their finances through all stages of the divorce process can help calm these fears.

We are a trusted partner for individuals going through a divorce, as well as a valued resource for their attorney. Clients rely on our team’s deep expertise, experience, and credentials in divorce analysis, financial planning, and investment management through all phases of a divorce.

What’s more, clients value our ability to act as an objective sounding board during this emotionally charged time in their lives.

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Our Approach 

Pre Divorce: Expert financial preparation leveraging our in-house Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, CDFA® 

Determine your goals and assess your financial situation
  • Conduct in–depth discovery to help you prioritize what’s important to you and the financial tradeoffs you’re willing to make. This includes prioritizing short, intermediate and long-term financial goals.
  • Compile and review of financial statements, tax returns, and any other critical data
  • Conduct cash flow analysis
  • Create a personal balance sheet
  • Create a projected budget

During Divorce Proceedings: Sophisticated financial analysis of potential settlements supported by our in-house CDFA

Help your attorney negotiate the best possible financial outcome for you
  • Generate ways to creatively achieve your goals
  • Model for division of assets and creating of various “what if” scenarios
  • Assessment of financial implications of various settlements either proposed by your attorney or received from your spouse’s representative. Evaluation includes implications for potential tax liabilities, cash flow, and achievement of financial goals
  • Provide a completed financial affidavit, property division, and budget & tax reports to your attorney.

Post Divorce: Comprehensive wealth management provided by our team

Empower you with resources and tools to live the life you envision and achieve your most important goals
  • Comprehensive financial planning that incorporates terms of the final settlement
  • Financial education
  • Investment management
  • Support for asset transfers and settlement terms
  • Guidance for updating your estate plan

Committed to You

With more than 30 years of meeting the needs of high-net-worth clients, our team possesses the technical know-how and deep experience to address the complexities of a divorce.

The designated credentials of our team include

The combination of this expertise makes us uniquely qualified to become a trusted partner for our clients during all phases of a divorce.

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If you’re contemplating going through a divorce, or in the process of one, feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve financial confidence so that you may realize a lifetime of goals. We have offices in Duluth, MN, Grand Rapids, MN, Wausau, WI, and Crystal Lake, IL. While we’re located in the Midwest, we work with clients across the U.S.

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