Our Story

Financial Confidence for You and Your Family

Since 1980, MPPL Financial (Midwest Professional Planners, Ltd.) has been in the business of helping people. From offices in Wausau, Wisconsin, Duluth and Grand Rapids Minnesota, and Crystal Lake, Illinois, we objectively advise an array of successful clients seeking independent financial advice for a complex world.

Our Values Are Driven by Putting You First

Our success is founded on an unshakable set of values. As a SEC Registered Investment Advisor, MPPL Financial operates with a fiduciary standard of care that puts clients’ interests first.  This means minimizing any conflicts in the recommendations and investment decisions we make. Further, we marry our fiduciary responsibility with our firm’s core values:

  • Serving clients as a team, because we know we’re stronger together. Our unique advisory board approach assembles a select team of experts who best meet each client’s individual needs. 
  • Operating with the humility and self-awareness to collaborate with you, among ourselves on your behalf, and with outside experts engaged in your situation.
  • Embracing lifelong learning about you, your situation, and how we can best serve you with independent and objective advice for a complex world.
  • Striving for excellence in all the ways we serve you and your family and providing solutions based solely on your needs.

We welcome getting to know you and building a lasting relationship that provides you the clarity to make informed and confident decisions to secure your lifestyle needs and achieve your financial goals.

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