Investment Strategies


Your investment management strategy plays a critical role in your financial future; it can have a very real impact both today and for years to come. There’s no algorithm that perfectly predicts successes and failures and there never will be. Investing is personal. It’s detailed. It has a lot to do with your risk comfort, where you are in life, and where you want to be in the future. That’s why you need a committed strategic investment partner who always has your back. That’s what you’ll find in MPPL.

With our professional team, you get more than an advisor; you’ll benefit from our diverse professionals’ knowledge, strengths, and complementary areas of expertise. Together, our team will customize a mix of our proprietary investment strategies that are designed to help you achieve your dreams.

Whether you’re looking to grow your assets, manage portfolio risk, generate income, or do something altogether unique, the MPPL investment team is ready. 

Our Investment Strategies Services:


    Your wealth is about far more than dollars – it’s about your future. We do our best work where our Financial Planning and Investment Strategies intersect. With our Total Wealth Management model, your investments are fully aligned with your financial planning goals. Our team leaves no stone unturned, and together, we build a wealth management roadmap that includes a total picture of your desired future.

    Meet with your MPPL financial advisor to discuss:

    • Comprehensive Financial Planning

      Financial planning services tailored to meet your specific needs.

    • Investment Strategies

      Round out your total wealth management strategy with a customized investment portfolio.


    Managing, strengthening and growing assets looks different for every client. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” strategy. That’s why MPPL has developed comprehensive and customized asset allocation strategies that reflect each client’s unique financial situation and goals for growth.

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    • Strategic

      Low-turnover, tax-efficient portfolios that are perfect for investors seeking risk-controlled growth. We work closely with our clients to construct a cost-effective solution that matches their preferred risk level, ranging from conservative to aggressive. Our strategic asset strategy has a long-term focus, but allocations will be adjusted occasionally in response to intermediate market trends.

      Growth Moderate
      Moderate Conservative
      20% bond allocation 35% bond allocation 50% bond allocation 65% bond allocation 80% bond allocation

    • Tactical

      Moderate turnover portfolio designed for investors seeking an enhanced portfolio strategy.  While primarily allocated based on preferred risk level, the tactical strategy maintains flexibility to adjust risk exposure within a defined range seeking to weight allocations based on intermediate market trends.

      Growth Moderate
      Moderate Conservative
      10-40% bonds 30-50% bonds 40-60% bonds 50-70% bonds 60-90% bonds

    • Dynamic

      Investors seeking long-term growth through an actively managed portfolio find our dynamic asset strategy to be a flexible and reliable strategy that enables growth with downside risk management. This nimble strategy can vary widely in allocations to stocks and bonds and will move quickly to add and subtract portfolio risk based on our qualitative and quantitative analysis making it an excellent fit for larger, tax-free or tax-deferred accounts.


    Equity management is one of our team’s strongest areas of expertise. For growth-focused clients looking for an investment team to actively manage their portfolio, we roll up our sleeves, keep a close eye on the market and make smart, strategic trading decisions – seeking to maximize returns. We don’t have a set trading schedule, rather, our investment team monitors portfolios continuously and trades on an as-needed basis, allowing us to make timely portfolio adjustments for our clients.

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    • Dividend-Paying Stock

      Clients seeking individual stock exposure with a focus on growth and income typically invest with our dividend paying stock strategy. We target large companies from the Russell 1000 index and occasionally foreign listed shares with strong fundamentals, a history of paying consistent dividends and the opportunity for growth. We monitor portfolios each day so we can make quick changes as-needed.

    • All-Cap Stock

      If long-term growth is your goal, all-cap stock is a solid investment strategy. We work with our clients to invest in small, mid and large-cap companies from the Russell 3000 index that have solid growth prospects, strong profits, and dominant positions in their industries. We monitor portfolios of these fast-growing firms daily to target maximum portfolio returns.


    Quality bonds provide both income and stability in an investment portfolio. Our team will work with you to define your personal income, growth, and diversification needs, and then we’ll dive in to create a tax-aware fixed income strategy to address those needs.

    Meet with your MPPL financial advisor to discuss:

    • Fixed Income Strategy

      Our primary fixed income strategy is constructed mostly from individual bonds. We vet the sea of available fixed income securities based on interest rate risk, credit/default risk, maturity, industry exposure, and other factors to build a customized portfolio for each client. We may also invest in foreign fixed income to achieve greater diversification, especially when domestic markets are experiencing rising interest rates.

    • Fixed Income Funds Strategy

      Our fixed income funds strategy utilizes bond funds for clients seeking conservative growth, as well as income and capital preservation. Used as a supplement to other strategies, or when the construction of an individual bond portfolio is not practical or prudent, this approach maintains a high degree of liquidity to enable income and portfolio flexibility.


    When you’re ready to diversify your investment portfolio, consider an alternative investment strategy that reduces your risk and enhances your returns. By adding investments that don’t always move in tandem with traditional stock and bond markets, you’ll hedge your portfolio to reduce your overall risk. Your MPPL investment strategy team will consider private placements, managed futures, real estate investment trusts, business development companies, hedge funds, and private equity and debt, among other alternative investments.

    Meet with your MPPL financial advisor to discuss: