Financial Planning Services


A comprehensive financial plan is like a road map to your future. Since no two people or businesses are the same, it only makes sense that financial planning services should be tailored to meet your specific needs.  

Our team of expert financial advisors works closely with each client to create a customized financial plan that makes dreams possible. Our ongoing, collaborative process allows us to make adjustments as needed, because there are always detours and new opportunities to explore along the way.


While every financial plan looks a bit different, our tried-and-tested personal financial planning process is proven to deliver results.

We always start our client engagements with a Discovery Session that gets our team up to speed. We’ll take a close look at your current and future assets, liabilities, insurance, cash flow resources and other essential items so we understand your current situation and goals.
2First Consultation
In this meeting, we will explore your current plan and projections based on the pieces you already have in place. This gives our team the opportunity to confirm the information we have in the plan is accurate, and that we fully understand your goals, questions and concerns.
3Plan Analysis
Next, your advisor and a hand-selected advisory board will analyze the data in your plan. We will identify what’s working and diagnose any potential problems so we can begin to formulate a strategic plan with solutions that meet your goals, objectives, and philosophies.
4Plan Delivery
We will create a personalized Financial Plan and meet with you to discuss our recommendations. We’ll compare your current plan with the personalized and share detailed action items for implementing our recommendations.
5Coordination and Implementation
To bring the plan to reality and ensure your goals, needs, and concerns are met, your advisor will coordinate with your attorney, accountant, and other appropriate advisors to assist in implementing the desired elements of the plan.
6Ongoing Service
From there, you will meet periodically with your advisor for financial planning advice and annual updates to track your planning progress. Changes to tax laws, your employment, or your goals may require course corrections over time. You will have access to a personal, encrypted digital vault that links your investments, retirement accounts, bank loans, and other financial accounts on a highly secure website.

Our Financial Planning Services Services:

  • Tax

    Effective tax planning requires a proactive approach. Our advisors work with your accountant to align tax strategies with your personal goals and adapt to changes in tax rules and personal circumstances.

    Meet with your MPPL financial advisor to discuss:

    • Investment and Portfolio Review

      We’ll take a look and recommend strategies that could reduce your total taxable income.

    • Tax Deferrals

      There are advantages and disadvantages here, but we can review different methods to see if any make sense for you.

    • Year-End Planning

      We’re happy to meet with your tax advisor so we can work together on strategies to implement before year end, or consider for the following year.

    • Employer Benefits and Retirement

      We’ll review your situation to uncover tax-efficient ways to make the most of your benefits.


    Whether you’re thinking of enrolling in higher education for the first time, returning for an advanced degree, or planning for your children’s education, an investment in education is a big decision.

    Meet with your MPPL financial advisor to discuss:

    • Education Funding Needs

      Proactive planning makes paying for college easier. We’ll help you understand your financial needs based on your timeframe, schooling preferences, and investment tolerances.

    • Education Funding Plans

      It’s our job to help make sure college is in your budget, and we’ll develop a funding program that makes sense for you.

    • Tax Benefits

      When executed properly, education funding vehicles and ownership methods can have great tax benefits. We’ll review tax opportunities with you as our plans become formalized so we will be prepared for tax season.


    You’ve put time and effort into your career, and you deserve a comfortable retirement. Whether you’re opening your first 401k, wanting to take control of your investments, are welcoming an encore career, or are looking to retire soon, we’re here to help.

    Meet with your MPPL financial advisor to discuss:

    • Retirement Readiness

      Are you on track for retirement? What changes can you make today to position yourself and your family for success when you retire? With a custom-built financial plan and a roadmap for improving your financial situation, you’ll be ready to retire when and how you want.

    • Investment Goals

      We’ll work with you to understand your risk tolerances to help you set realistic and achievable retirement investment goals.

    • Funding and Investment Strategies

      Your retirement depends on a lot of factors, including your investment strategies, personal savings rate, employer contributions, and both current and future tax considerations. We’ll assess every aspect to help you retire comfortably.


    Managing risk is a part of life. Instead of using “rules of thumb,” control your risk with proactive planning to ensure you’re covered financially, in case of the unexpected. As your trusted financial advisors, we’re here to help you navigate this aspect of your financial wellbeing, whether you choose to transfer, mitigate, or retain life’s risks.

    Meet with your MPPL financial advisor to discuss:

    • Risk Management Analysis

      We’ll work with you to understand your current risk exposure and coverages to make sure you’re prepared, if a life-changing event occurs.

    • Risk Management Recommendations

      Once we understand your current situation, we’ll build a tailored plan for you and your family. Protecting you and yours is a top priority for us.


    Planning for the transfer of your wealth to your heirs takes an incredible burden off your family. The trusted financial advisors at MPPL are well versed in estate planning and will help you prepare for the future you want for your family. We’re just part of the estate planning team, and we enjoy working with your attorney and accountant to create a comprehensive estate plan that works for you.

    Meet with your MPPL financial advisor to discuss:

    • Estate Planning Overview

      Understanding your financial assets is the first step to planning for the future. Once we understand  current assets, such as real estate, cash, securities, insurance proceeds and closely yourheld businesses, we’ll work with you to consider the financial and personal value of each asset, and help craft a smooth transfer of your estate when the time comes.

    • Estate Plan Analysis

      We partner with expert attorneys and accountants in analyzing your current estate plans to be sure they abide by both state and federal laws, account for potential estate tax issues, and are closely aligned with your personal goals. Our priority is honoring your wishes to help create your legacy.

    • Estate Implementation

      Our team of advisors works with you to ensure that your assets are properly titled and beneficiaries designated in accordance with your estate plan.  Proper implementation of your estate plan is essential to achieve your desired outcome.


    Business owners know that starting a business takes everything: time, energy, capital, passion, commitment and so much more. Your business is your life, and you’ve devoted so much to making it a success. When the time comes to pass the torch to the next generation of ownership, it is essential to have a financial advisory team you can trust. Our Business Solutions team is here to assist you in ensuring that when your business passes smoothly into the next phase, all your financial bases are covered.

    Meet with your MPPL financial advisor to discuss:

    • Succession Planning

      Whether you’re looking to sell your business to fund your retirement or transition to new management, we will work with you to create a succession plan that incorporates legal and tax considerations and ensures the necessary measures are in place for a smooth transition.

    • Personal Coordination

      Your business is a large part of your life and coordinating your business plan with your personal financial goals is a smart strategy for success. Our team of financial and business strategists will work with you to build a customized financial plan that aligns your business and personal goals.